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DWAX Oil Well Paraffin (Wax) Removal

A live bench test shows DWAX in action dissolving heavy paraffin build-up from an Alberta oil well. In this demonstration, a chunk of solidified paraffin is placed into a 25ml sample jar containing DWAX Clean Flow Ex blended with water in the same proportions we use for our down-hole treatments. Within seconds the solid paraffin has been completely dissolved.

DWAX Technical Comparison

Technical paper comparing the difference between DWAX Clean Flow Ex well servicing product with the leading Xylene based chemical solution.

The purpose of this paper is to describe how the product performs and compares dollar for dollar to a chemical treatment program. This will help with understanding how the DWAX Clean Flow Ex all natural formulation method compares to the leading aromatic chemicals on the market today for treating Paraffin. DWAX has developed a product that is environmentally friendly and works better than traditional methods for treating paraffin problems. We have had success in dissolving and holding in suspension some of the toughest wax problems in Alberta, from Red Earth to Drayton Valley. We thought it would be beneficial to put together a technical explanation for our clients to show how the product compares to chemical treatment programs.

DWAX Solution Comparison